Throughout the year, in between our main dig episodes, we’ll be dropping in on a range of other interesting archaeological projects that feature Time Team's friends and family.

In this episode, Dani Wootton pays a visit to Dartmoor National Park, Devon, in South West England, where a team from the University of Plymouth are digitally scanning an historic farmhouse to create a 3D game environment.

Higher Uppacott is a Grade I listed, thatched Medieval longhouse, with origins dating back to the mid-14th century. It’s history meets high-tech, and as Dani highlights, there are many parallels between game design and virtual reality, and the modern techniques now used by today’s archaeologists.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be following the story of Higher Uppacott, including progress on the 3D modelling exercise, and a tour of the longhouse with Time Team's historic buildings expert, Dr Richard Parker.

Very special thanks to Matt Clark (Shadow Tor Studios), the staff and students of the University of Plymouth, Dartmoor National Park Authority and Gareth Allen of South View Media Ltd.

Watch the original video on our YouTube channel here.

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