A major archaeological discovery was made by a British farmer during lockdown – a large Roman villa, complete with an intriguing mosaic depicting scenes from Ancient Greek mythology... buried under a field in England.

The mosaic discovered in England's smallest county, Rutland, tells a story that stretches back thousands of years into the Bronze Age. Time Team's resident community archaeologist, Dani Wootton catches up with John Thomas from the University of Leicester Archaeological Services to find out more about this amazing discovery.

John Thomas is no stranger to Time Team having appeared on the programme several times over the years, alongside fellow archaeology Peter Liddle (who we interviewed recently on Patreon). What's more the geophysical survey on the villa was carried out by SUMO – the company led by Time Team's own geophys whizz, Dr John Gater!

Very special thanks to John Thomas, UCLA and Historic England.

The original video of this interview can be watched here.

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