Derek Pitman and Lawrence Shaw, best known for their 'Career in Ruins' podcast, join us for a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion on all things archaeology.

The duo begin planning the (entirely hypothetical) 'Official Time Team Academy University of Learning Stuff About Archaeology', sharing insights on the fundamentals of their craft and adapting practices in response to Covid-19. What's more, they give us a taste of the latest gadgets available to archaeologists today – from Star Trek inspired 'ray guns' and drones to smartphone apps and augmented reality. What on earth does the latest Mario Kart video game have to do with archaeology?! You'll have to listen to find out...

Finally, Lawrence and Derek look back at Time Team's visit to St Mary's City, sparking an interesting debate on the cultural differences in practising archaeology in different regions, as well as the advances in technology and approaches since the dig almost 25 years ago.

Check out the 'Career in Ruins' podcast here.

Watch the original video interview here.

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