What's the difference between Medieval and the Middle Ages? What was so dark about the Dark Ages? And was the Great Famine really that great? Dr Eleanor Janega answers these questions and much more, in her concise yet comprehensive guide to the Middle Ages that packs a punch.
'The Middle Ages: A Graphic Guide' is a razor-sharp introduction to a fascinating period, proving that history need not be stuffy, ably illustrated by Time Team's own graphic artist, Neil Emmanuel, with nods to both Medieval woodcuts and Monty Python.
Earlier this year, Dani Wootton caught up with Eleanor and Neil for a wide-ranging discussion covering everything from the Great Schism to Medieval pandemics (which might be unsettling for those who have been affected by Coronavirus). Neil also shared his memories of our resident artist, Victor Ambrus.
Order your copy of The Middle Ages book in Time Team's official shop here.
The original video interview is available to watch on Patreon.
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