Time Team meets Sid, a young boy who made an incredible ancient discovery in his back garden, when looking for pottery during lockdown. Sid's amazing find made the national headlines here in the UK and he has since appeared on iconic children's TV show, Blue Peter.

We're also joined by Dr Tim Ewin, Senior Curator at the Natural History Museum to discuss the similarities between archaeology and palaeontology, and amazing 'Jurassic Pompeii' also recently discovered in the UK.

While very different subjects, there are some clear parallels between archaeology and palaeontology, and Time Team is no stranger to palaeontology, having searched for mammoths in an Oxfordshire gravel pit back in Series 3. We also headed to Montana's 'Dinosaur Belt' for a 2001 special to excavate a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Special thanks to Sid and Vish Singh, and Dr Tim Ewin of the Natural History Museum, London.

You can watch the original video interview here.

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