We catch up with old friend and authority on Anglo-Saxon archaeology, Prof Helena Hamerow for a wide ranging discussion, covering everything from Saxon royal power bases to discoveries including the Staffordshire Hoard.

Helena – a key contributor to our dig at Sutton Courtenay, featured in last week's Time Team Classic – takes a closer look at Saxon royal great halls, including an incredible recent reconstruction at a neighbouring site in Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire. Prof Hamerow also sheds light on a fascinating period of history when royal women wielded a significant degree of power and influence.

The original video interview is available to watch on the Time Team Official YouTube Channel.

Watch Time Team Classics episode, 'In the Halls of a Saxon King (Sutton Courtenay) here.

Discover more about the Sylva Foundation and the amazing Saxon hall reconstruction, the House of Wessex, here.

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